McDonald Data Sciences

Statistical analyses, advice, and data science

McDonald Data Sciences provides data science and statistical consulting services to clients in ecology, biology, and wildlife sciences. The principal statistician, Trent McDonald, has 37 years of experience providing state-of-the-art analyses, award winning publications, over 90 peer-reviewed publications, 14,192 citations as of July 2023, and an H index of 49.


Abundance Estimation

  • Closed population capture-recapture
  • Open population capture-recapture
  • Spatially explicit capture-recapture
  • Simple and advanced distance sampling analyses

Habitat Modeling

  • Resource selection functions and Maxent
  • Home range estimation
  • Path estimation
  • Telemetry data processing


  • Regression, Analysis of Variance
  • Bootstrapping, simulation, randomization, and Monte Carlo methods
  • Bayesian analyses (Direct and MCMC)
  • Survival analysis, Counting process of Cox proportional hazard model

Database Services

  • Excel
  • Access
  • PostgreSQL
  • Spatial
  • Cloud, API, and dashboard

Science Services

  • Professional reviews
  • Workshop instruction

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