finFindR: Top 10 ‘Most Cited’ Marine Mammal Science Papers

Fin matching paper amoung top 10 most cited articles in Marine Mammal Science during 2022 and 2023

Marine Mammals
Image Recognition

Trent McDonald


April 24, 2024

Wiley reports that our paper, finFindR: Automated recognition and identification of marine mammal dorsal fins using residual convolutional neural networks, is one of the top 10 most-cited papers in Marine Mammal Science among work published between 1 Jan 2022 and 31 Dec 2023. Yeah!

They notified authors by email, and emails of this sort are suspicious. Links in the email were legit. The electronic certificate did not cost anything. They did not try to sell me anything. I spent 1/2 hour attempting to check the accuracy of their “top 10” claim. The MMS website claims only 13 citations (as of today). That seemed low at first for a “top 10” paper, but I know nothing about citation accumulation in marine mammal work. Thirteen current citations is approximately 1 every 2 months. Put that way, 13 citations seems pretty good. I will trust that this paper is actually among the top 10 most cited. Actually verifying that statement would take massive time, and results would depend on the citation accumulator. The Wiley email says they used Clarivate Analtics to compile citations of Marine Mammal Science articles.

So, I’m taking this at face value. Congratulations to my co-authors. The paper in question was a lot of work, involving days and weeks of verification work. I am proud of it. The abstract is here, and the free-to-read-online paper is here.